Scope Workshop Data Retention Management system based on Data ReBase

Creating transparency in the compliance requirements

When operating IT systems, regulatory, legal or even tax requirements must be taken into account, depending on the area of application. Furthermore, there are requirements and necessities regarding the storage of data or documents from the IT systems or their environment. If certain basic conditions are met, a partial outsourcing of data or the complete outsourcing of data with a subsequent shutdown of the IT systems is possible and economically highly sensible.

Our Data Retention Management approach is based on the so-called "evaluable archive" under consideration of all legal compliance requirements (especially GoBD).

In the Scope Workshop we bring all relevant stakeholders of a Data Retention Management project together. We create transparency across departments in the compliance requirements related to the outsourcing of data from productive systems. You will also gain insight into the Audicon solution, which allows data to be stored in compliance with the respective compliance requirements for the entire legal retention period. Furthermore, the workshop serves to determine all project-relevant initial parameters in order to be able to make a valid statement about project scope and effort.

Our services:

  • Exemplary representation of the storage and provision obligations using the example of GoBD
  • Inventory of compliance requirements for the IT systems in focus
  • Considering GoBD in particular
    • Inventory of the IT systems relevant to GoBD
    • Inventory/GoBD compliance of the tax-relevant data storage including an evaluation of the archiving strategy
    • Assessment of the procedures available in the company to ensure GoBD data access (Z1/Z2/Z3 GoBD marginal no. 165-167)
  • Presentation of a solution to shut down IT systems without neglecting compliance requirements
  • Estimation of the quantity structures of tax relevant raw data
  • Identification of the tax-relevant reports/evaluations
  • Assessment of the export interfaces (configurability, data format, validation of the machine evaluability)
  • Comparison of existing and required process documentation/GoBD process documentation (gap analysis)
  • Creation of a result documentation

Target group:

This offer is aimed at the stakeholders of a Data Retention Management project in your company. Audicon brings everyone together and creates transparency across departments in the compliance requirements related to the outsourcing of data from productive systems.

Facts at a glance:

  • Project location: Inhouse
  • Expenses: Depending on the number and complexity of the systems Usually 1 day
  • Costs: EUR 1,800 per day plus VAT

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Due to the ongoing development of the companies (growth, business fields, business processes, investments) and the IT systems, there is necessarily a life cycle for the systems, at the end of which there is a desire for shutdown not only from the aspect of economic efficiency.
As the most far-reaching compliance requirement, the GoBD oblige companies to guarantee the three access types Z1, Z2 and Z3 for tax-relevant data over the entire statutory retention period of usually 10 years (GoBD Chapter 11). The Z1/Z2 requirements can be fulfilled only if evaluations are made available that are comparable to the evaluations in the original system (GoBD paragraph 142) regarding both quantity and quality. Quantitative and qualitative equivalence means firstly, the deposit of the substantial tax-relevant standard evaluations, and secondly, the provision of evaluation functionalities similar to IDEA (ad hoc data analysis).

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