SAP® S/4HANA - clean up, move in!

What about the old SAP® system?

Usually not all data is migrated during an S4Move. Laws and other regulations require you to store relevant data – not to keep outdated systems running. This fine distinction opens up wiggle room for your IT budget. This is because the continued operation of old IT applications that are no longer used as part of the productive system causes high operating and maintenance costs and increasing operational risks, and may even lead to the loss of data and/or access to old data.

S4Move – the migration project

We support you from planning and implementation to successful commissioning of the new system and shutdown of your legacy SAP® system.

The Audicon solution Data ReBase ensures the retention of legacy data. For the migration of your SAP® data we work together with our cooperation partners.

Manage your S4Move successfully and cost-efficiently with Audicon and Data ReBase!


Data ReBase as a useful addition for S/4HANA for the greenfield and brownfield approach

Using a Greenfield approach a new or existing SAP® client implements a S/4 HANA system.

Data ReBase by Audicon enables all SAP® clients to archive their old ERP/SAP® system in accordance with legal retention and provisioning requirements. The complete backup is a sensible alternative to the continued operation of the old ERP systems due to its cost-effectiveness!

In the brownfield approach, an existing SAP® client migrates the entire old SAP® system to S/4HANA.

Data reduction is not mandatory, but can be an advantage when migrating to S/4HANA: The question regularly arises here whether it makes more sense to migrate all historical data from all previously processed company codes or to archive it cost-effectively in the Audicon solution Data ReBase.

Data ReBase: Our software - your benefits

  • Information system independent of source system
  • Compliance with external and internal regulations (especially GDPR and the German GoBD)
  • Qualitative adoption of reports/evaluations
  • Reducing IT complexity/IT efforts
  • Provision of project-related and tried and tested process documentation
  • Consideration of unstructured data (e.g. scanned documents)
  • Accepted by external auditors (certified public accountants and tax auditors)
  • Provision of data for future analysis requirements
  • Cost reduction for a S/4Move

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