Mergers & Acquisitions: Information from the past for a successful future.

Provision of data of acquired companies

Acquisitions include the IT systems. What happens with these systems in regard to the GoBD requirements applicable in Germany? Neither the continued operation nor the complete transfer of the data contained therein into the existing systems is the most sensible solution. This is because the operating costs are usually too high and over time the know-how in operating these systems will be lost.

Mergers & Acquisitions – only with Audicon!

Keep an eye on your data and legal requirements during M&A deals - which data, documents and systems can you archive and retire to save the costs for the continued operation of IT systems?

Audicon and Data ReBase help you get rid of unnecessary IT system burdens from Mergers & Acquisitions. We transfer the data, evaluations and documents to our Data Retention Management solution. This ensures that future data - independent of the respective purchased systems - is resource-saving.

Data ReBase: Our software - your benefits

  • Information system independent of source system
  • Compliance with external and internal regulations (especially GDPR and the German GoBD)
  • Qualitative adoption of reports/evaluations
  • Reducing IT complexity/IT efforts
  • Provision of project-related and tried and tested process documentation
  • Consideration of unstructured data (e.g. scanned documents)
  • Accepted by external auditors (certified public accountants and tax auditors)
  • Provision of data for future analysis requirements
  • Guarantee that data is still available even after a company acquisition

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