Carve-Out: a well-prepared start as a basis for a successful future

Separation of data in case of company carve-outs

Company sales, outsourcing and carve-outs of company sections go along with special IT requirements The new company needs full access to the data that belongs to it.

Carve-Out - Audicon in

As the IT systems in question usually remain in the old company, the new company faces the challenge of carving out the required data from the original source system. This includes documents, master and transaction data of selected clients and company codes and especially project-related data and staff data.

Audicon and Data ReBase help you to handle these challenges.
You get a neutral evaluation system, that will in future retain all legacy data that is to be transferred to the new company. This way both the contractual obligations of the demerger contract and all legal requirements are met.

Data ReBase: Our software - your benefits

  • Information system independent of source system
  • Compliance with external and internal regulations (especially GDPR and the German GoBD)
  • Qualitative adoption of reports/evaluations
  • Reducing IT complexity/IT efforts
  • Provision of project-related and tried and tested process documentation
  • Consideration of unstructured data (e.g. scanned documents)
  • Accepted by external auditors (certified public accountants and tax auditors)
  • Provision of data for future analysis requirements
  • Guarantee that data is still available even after a company carve-out

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